Relationships - How to negotiate in your relationship

How to negotiate in your relationship

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Principled negotiation is a strategy that seeks to move both parties away from polarizing and usually entrenched positions, and into the realm of interest.

It asks how both parties can get their interests satisfied while keeping their relationships strong. Positive negotiations are important in relationships not because they engender warm, fussy feelings, but because they engender trust- a vital means of securing desired actions from other.


1. Be a responsible captain

Being a man or woman is all about boundaries, how much responsibility you take for yourself, how much responsibility you take for your partner, and how can you stand up for yourself without trampling over anyone else. Being an adult, you assume your partner’s preference and act on them instead of clearly communicating your own preference. This leads to sacrificing your needs to take care of your partner. In an ideal relationship each partner should be able to stand by their own beliefs and practices while willfully accepting the others.


2. Listen

If neither of you listens to each other you will end up having an argument instead of successful negotiations. Focus all your attention on your partner, the emphasis with their point of view, understand what problem they are trying to solve. Genuine listening is what’s most likely to lead to a successful outcome in any disagreements.


3. Remember that you are on the same team.

Remember always that you are on the same team. During the course of negotiation, we automatically slip into an adversarial position. At some point in the course of a discussion our object will turn from convincing the other person to defeating them. But keep it in your mind that things work out better for everyone if you remember that you are a team. Being on the same team and focusing on sharing goals is very important.


4. Focus on finding a solution

Work to find out a mutual decision than divert your small time conflict into more problems. Each person should be clear about the matter of disagreement and make sure the discussion is focused on finding a solution to the problem or convincing the other about your viewpoint rather than proving them wrong. You have to be willing to accept other viewpoints and be open to new ideas if found convincing to you unless it’s clearly against your beliefs and thoughts.

No relationship can sustain without healthy disagreements, compromises or adjustments to incorporate others feelings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the negotiation with your partner, let’s discuss in the comments section!

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